Lotus Ring
Lotus Ring
Lotus Ring
Lotus Ring
Lotus Ring

Lotus Ring

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The lotus is a symbol of rebirth - while rooted in the mud, its flowers
blossom above the muddy water.
Wear this beautiful Lotus Ring to remind yourself of the strength of the lotus:
Trust in the light, Grow through the dirt, Believe in new beginnings.
Engraved on the inside of the Lotus Ring are the Powerful Words of the
Buddhist Heart Sutra, famously known as the the "Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom".
The Heart Sutra is a divine mantra focusing on the elimination of all
suffering through the wisdom that perceives reality directly without
conceptual attachment.
As a symbol of rebirth, the Lotus Ring is a meaningful gift for someone who
needs a reminder to trust in themselves and their journey.
Start your day with radiant intentions by wearing this Lotus Ring and letting
go of the past while embracing the future.